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Volunteer Horde
If you're one of our Volunteers, thanks for being a member of the Horde! This website has the information you'll need to support you in your Volunteer role.

If you're interested in becoming a member of our Volunteer Horde send a note to volunteers@houstonzombiewalk.org and our Volunteer Manager will get in touch with you!

Is there a HZW Staff?
Yes, however, we have no paid staff. Everyone is a volunteer!

Board Chairman and COO - Darren Tompkins

Chief Financial Officer - James Rey

Board of Directors - Peter Tran, Bien Tran, Kevin Bury, Stephanie Hill, Lady Cocchia, Ginger Williams, Bob Merril

Board Secretary - Sharla Sargent

Vendor Manager - Yuri Pena

Volunteer Manager - Aiden Faolan

Media Coordinator - Mike O'Neill

Sr. SFX Coordinator - Patrick Hastings

Newsletter - Kristin Mireless

Be a Super Volunteer!
Are you wondering what is takes to be a SUPER Volunteer? Here are a few key pointers:
  • Pointer #1 - If you volunteer for an event be sure to show up. By being a "no-show" you impact a lot of people...the person you were supposed to relieve, the person who has to fill in for you who wasn't planning on volunteering, the Volunteer Manager who has to find people to take your place, and the general public if we have to cancel a function during one of our events because we had no one to do the job.

  • Pointer #2 - If something comes up let the Volunteer Manager know right away so we can fill your spot before the event...not during the event. See Pointer #1

  • Pointer #3 - Dress comfortably and appropriately. For example, if it's going to get cool in the evening bring a jacket and don't wear shorts. If you're serving beer consider putting your rings in your pocket so you don't lose them in the icy water (fingers shrink when they get cold!). Plan ahead and be prepared.

  • Pointer #4 - Come in character! Every HZW event is a costume event. If you do come in costume remember that your first priority is your volunteer role. See Pointer #3!

  • Pointer #5 - Don't be grumpy! Even though we're working, we're also there to have fun! We all have those days but it's important to not take things out on your fellow volunteers and make them grumpy too!

  • Pointer #6 - Remember that you're an ambassador for HZW! Each and every one of us represents the entire HZW organization when we interact with the public. It's important to make a good first impression and to leave a good lasting impression. See Pointer #5!

Important Documents
These documents will help you with your volunteer role:

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Acknowledgements

2016 Calendar of Events

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